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Delivering excellence through best practice with the entire supply chain, clients, industry and users – sharing a vision for change through innovation and collaboration.

Networking Opportunities
Opportunities to meet like-minded people, working within the construction industry in your local area.
Industry Knowledge

Having the chance to hear from knowledgeable industry professionals.

Local Community

Keeping up to date with your local best practice club, and the local area.

Upcoming CWW Best Practice Club Events

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Mental Health and Wellbeing in Construction

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Coming Soon…

Christmas Networking Event

So, what does your membership give you?

Discount to all CE North West Events

Membership entitles you to discounts on all CWW events, but also on all North West Best Practice Club Events.

Supporting the movement of Constructing Excellence

Being a member gives you the opportunity to show your support for CE as an industry movement.

Social Media Community

Being a part of a social media community, keeping you up to date on a daily basis.